2023 Season Updates and Mailing

The 2023 filing season is almost here! The annual mailing was delivered to the post office today, and clients should start receiving them this week. The mailing is a letter rather than a postcard this year. The content is below:

Many of you are aware, but I have encountered some who don’t know that my grandmother, Ann, passed away on March 22. Finishing the last tax season was a challenge, but we got through it. This year has been full of making decisions for the office and I began the Master of Accounting program at UNC Chapel Hill (Go Heels!). Instead of mailing a postcard, I wanted to send a letter to provide more detailed information.

The office location will remain the same through tax season

The office will move around May 2024. I am working on details to finalize the location and move and will be sure to send communication as soon as that happens. Melonie and Beth, who many of you met last year, will continue to work with me this year. They are great and I know you’ll appreciate their help!

I will begin taking phone calls to schedule appointments January 10

Please wait until January 10 to call for your tax preparation appointments. Appointments will begin when the IRS begins the filing season, usually occurring in late January. Appointments may be requested via email or phone call.

Appointment times and hours will be a little different

During tax season, the office will open at 9 am Monday through Friday. I will continue to take evening appointments but will take those a little earlier than previous years (5:30/6 PM). Saturday will have very limited appointment availability, and the office will be closed on Sundays. In-season office hours begin in late January and go through the filing due date. See the website for off-season availability.

The office will be moving to all-digital storage

Beginning this year, we will not keep physical files. This allows me to keep more of your records in less space, which will be beneficial when moving to the new office space. We will scan all your source documents, and signing your returns will be done digitally in the office. For those with physical limitations unable to come inside, we will bring the paper for you to sign then scan and shred it. If you prefer to receive your copies of your return digitally, let us know. As our current physical files age out, they will be shredded.

I’ll be adding secure technology conveniences that I encourage you to use, but are not required

When you have your return prepared this year, make sure we have a good email address for you! The client portal is an excellent service that allows the secure exchange of documents and information and gives you easy access to your completed returns.

If I have your email address, you will receive an email in January alerting you that a checklist has been uploaded for you to review. This is a custom list based on previous year’s filing to help you in gathering your information. If you already have a portal account, you can log in and see the document. If you don’t, you’ll have the opportunity to activate when you receive that email. Check your spam folders if you don’t receive it.

Check out the office website, www.snipestax.com, to see updated information about the office. I’ll also use this site to post information about frequently asked questions we are receiving.

You’re encouraged to sign up for an account at irs.gov

The IRS has received funding from congress that has allowed them to catch up on much of their backlog. Last report was this filing season was to begin with them caught up. I encourage you to sign up for an account at irs.gov. If you’re computer-challenged, you may want to ask a family member to help. The IRS is moving toward adding more ways for taxpayers to see their information and this account is an excellent way to be able to see what they see. If you receive a notice, I can also look at this account and help you find out what is going on. The initial sign up can be complicated due to identity verification requirements, but once that is done, it’s done!

Basic Information for 2023

Most of the tax law changes this year have to do with clean vehicles and energy credits. If you purchased an eligible vehicle in 2023, be sure to include the information provided by the dealership.

Standard Deduction

Single/MFSHead of HouseholdMarried Filing Joint

Additional for Over 65/Blind: $1,850 for S or HoH; $1,500 MFJ.

*If the amount of your deductions does not exceed the standard deduction, you may save yourself some time in gathering information, as the standard deduction will be the better benefit.

2023 Mileage Rates


The reporting requirement for form 1099-K for payments issued via Paypal, Venmo, etc., has been postponed again. You may or may not receive a form. Remember, this does not change the fact that business income received through these methods is and always has been taxable and should be reported!

Be sure to bring with you:

  • All tax forms you receive. These include W-2s, 1099s, interest and brokerage account statements, Social Security statements. Be advised that investment accounts do not always send final 1099 forms before March 15.
  • State-issued ID information for you (and spouse) if we do not already have this information on file. We are required to enter ID state, number, issue, and expiration information.
  • If you made estimated payments, please bring the envelope we provide with the information completed or provide dates and amounts you made payments. If what you have doesn’t match what the IRS has, you’ll get a notice.
  • If you contributed to an HSA other than what your employer deducted from your paycheck, please include amount of contributions.
  • If you intend to claim an education credit, you must provide a copy of the 1098-T from the qualifying institution. We cannot file them without it.
  • If you had marketplace insurance at any part of the year, we must have form 1095-A to file a return, no exception. Taxpayers who bought insurance through the exchange must file a return, even if their income is below the thresholds.
  • Education, American Opportunity, Child Tax Credits, and Head of Household filing requires additional documentation to complete the return. My office can incur hefty fines if it is found we did not do this. Please provide any information requested.

See the checklist sent by email (if I have your address) to help you gather information.

This year, I am trying out offering refund advances, Even though this is available, it is expensive for you! Unless you absolutely need the money right away, my advice is to wait for your refund to be deposited. Ask if you would like more info.

When dropping off your information, be sure to provide a good phone number and email address!

I’m looking forward to serving you this year! Thank you for being loyal clients and trusting me to continue your tax preparation.