2021 Season Annual Information


We look forward to seeing you for the 2021 filing season! At the end of this post is attached our postcard for our annual mailer. They should start being delivered January 24, but if you didn’t get one or would like one, you can click the link below.

COVID protocol: We kindly request that you do not enter our office if you have not been vaccinated against COVID-19. This is for our safety (primarily for my grandmother, who is still working!), and the safety of other clients. If you are not vaccinated, we will come outside to get your information, you may leave it at the door, or you may use our client portal system for contactless preparation of your taxes. For the beginning of the season, while transmission of the disease is still high, we will likely ask you to wear a mask in the office. We will re-evaluate this request and make adjustments as necessary.

For those of you who received an advanced payment of the child tax credit. You will receive a letter from the IRS detailing the amounts paid to you. If you are married filing joint, you will receive two letters. One for you and your spouse. Be sure to keep these letters, we will need this information to file your return. If you lose or do not have these letters and you give us the wrong amounts, it will cause a delay in processing your return and could change the amount of your refund or amount owed.

Likewise, you should receive a letter detailing the amount of economic stimulus payment you received in early 2021. This is the $1,400/person payment. If you don’t receive the letter, we need to know exactly how much you received. Go through your bank statements or other records if you need to determine the amount. Giving us an incorrect amount will delay the processing of your return.